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Cloud: It's a Golden Age

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From Search to Checkout without annoying your customers

Swimming with the Faster Fish - Part 3: The Missing Link in Agile Transformations

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5 Must-Know Trends in Digital Product Management

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Three trends in operational analytics

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Every company is an IT company (EC = IC)

Applied Data Science - The new standard in data-driven business

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Application Architectures that enable your agile organization

Boundaries between web and app are blurring

Agile Soil

Agile Is Normalizing

The High-Performance Organization

Nurturing Agile Quality

Digital Transformation: How to accelerate in the right direction

User Needs and User Satisfaction: The Next Critical Performance Indicators

4 Training Trends Your Business Should Know

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Security Is Dead, Long Live Security

Xebia Provides A Learning Platform For HashiCorp Tools

Being an Agile Security Officer

Swimming With the Faster Fish - Part 1

Guidelines for a Successful Test Strategy

Not IT but Human Infrastructure counts for Digital Transformation

Spotify-ing your organization

Conquer the world with Azure Machine Learning

Continuous Delivery 3.0: The next ‘next step’

Applied Data Science: Bringing models into production

Case study Bakkersland: Predicting demand for fresh bread in supermarkets

Why Managers should become Servant Leaders

Attacking the business and IT gap with a laugh!

The Many Faces of Behaviour-Driven Development Tools

How passion makes you a better leader

Five ways to start your DevOps journey

Renovate your IT landscape: The First Step Before Going Agile

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