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Power BI Reporting Use Case

Going serverless with AWS Amplify

What Is Azure Synapse Analytics?

UiPath in Software Development Lifecycle


Making data available and accessible to the entire organization

Accelerating Agile Adoption with Serious Gaming

Pitfalls of Lean Portfolio Management

SAFe and (Lean) Portfolio Management

Authority in Digital Transformations

SAFe is not working, now what?

Direct Tax Reform | Tax Automation in Faceless Assessment

Digitalization in the Construction Industry

RPA in Oil and Gas Industry

Snowflake - Best Practices For Modern Data Warehouse

Serious Gaming – Want to Step up Your Serious Gaming?

Google Machine Learning Platform

Google BigData Platform

Integration of RPA with AI

Structuring Agile; paradox or silver lining?

Create Sustainable Growth by Investing in the Workforce of the Future

The Data Native Organization

Exploring the Future

Azure Cognitive Services

Indian - Uno Bank - Announcement

Big data, but little value? Why Product Owners can unlock value from data science.

Why cloud is making DevOps essential for development and deployment

Dark Data Analytics

Serious Gaming – Let the Games Begin

Is now a good time to transform my business?

Temenos T24-Transact practice and its excellence in Xebia

Intelligent Business Process Automation

Container Platform for the Enterprise - why we should talk about knowledge before we start building clusters

Leadership challenges in times of remote-working, part 2

People as the beating heart of change

Indian Banks - Discovering New Digital Dimensions

How resilient are we in times of crisis?

The Future of Organizing

Leadership challenges in times of remote-working, part 1

Digital Transformation at Shoeby: Store of The Future

Leadership and its purpose

Measuring the effect of COVID-19 on the ability to work from home

Innovation in Aviation

Cloud Transformation Done Right!

The Future of IT

How do you survive a forced digital transformation?

Successful Digital Transformation approach at Philips

Digital Business: Digital Success Requires a Healthy Dose of Common Sense

97 Things Every Scrum Practitioner Should Know

How to manage a Remote Sprint Retrospective

How to facilitate an awesome remote Sprint Review

Stop Focusing on Agile & Start Adding Real Value

‘When the going gets tough’

Remote Daily Scrum

Xebia. One of the best companies in e-business 2020

Remote Sprint Planning

Don't Have a Meeting, Have an Event!

Change the Way You Change

Remote Big Room Planning Part 2 – A Practical Guide

Why Alibaba Cloud Might Represent the Next Great Business Opportunity

Remote Big Room Planning Part 1 – What do you need?

Digital Culture: The Post-Transformation mindset and culture your company needs to succeed

A/B Testing Tools: Build or Buy?

Alibaba Cloud: A Gateway to China

The Future of InfoSec

Building a Voice-Interface with Dialogflow

SRE: Striving for Antifragile Operations

re.vers.ify: The Need for Agility in the Face of Perplexity

3 Guiding Principles for Digital Innovation

Yesterday’s Competitive Advantage is Today’s  Industry Standard

What Makes a Team a Winning Team?

Micro-Interventions from a Position of Leadership

Demo - Moving Towards a Serverless Future

Changing Behavior - Measure First, Change Next

The Gentle Way of Change

Measuring Success, Measuring Value: Performance Management in a Scrum World

Six Ways of “Being” That Help Professionals Shine

Diamond Agile: Measuring What’s Meaningful

Multi Products Scrum teams at scale

The Power of Play in a Safe (But Not Too Safe) Environment

Product Leaders Make the Difference

Putting the A of Agile into Architects

The Efficiency Addiction: Just Say No

The Quantifiable Added Value of Scrum

The Secret Key to Performance: Inner Agility

What is AGILE NXT? Measure it!

From Troubled to Doubled: Helping NS International Create Business Value

Four Steps to Effective Performance Meetings

Xebia Develops Special Tool for Special Olympics World Games

Instruqt Teaches Learning Fans a Few Tricks at Google Next ’19

AI Innovation: It’s the Business


Xccelerated: Accelerating Potential—The Team Behind the Dream

It Takes Two to Do the Agile Tango: Invite Security to the Dancefloor

A Sacred Desire to Grow: An Interview with Xebia’s New Consulting CEO

A Day in the Life of Riccardo Corradin

Measuring the Value of Business Agility

Data Science and Coaching: The Yin/Yang of Better Interventions

Doing: Diagnosis and Intervention Guide

Reducing Waste in the Race for Innovation

The Art of Leadership Agility

Recommended Reading for Every Agile Leader

Digital Transformation Gets Real

Scrum@Scale: A Meta-Framework for Strategic Agility

Create the right Engineering Culture with the right environment

Design Thinking: Get to the Heart of What Your Customer Wants

Cultivating a Culture for Engineers with Agile

Kick-Start Your Agile Team With Design Sprint

Agile Coaches: Why you need the Agile Toolkit?

Engineered Culture: The Unintentional Side Effect of Agile Transformation (and How to Prevent It)

Doing DevOps the DASA Way

Ask me anything about: Voice Assistant technology

Accelerate Your Transformation With Visualization

Data Survey 2018/2019 - Data 50

Unboxing the CoCreate Agile Scaling Model

Autonomous Leaders with a Shared Goal

Agility Without Agile

Shared Leadership: The Product Owner as Mini-CEO

The Art of Personal Mastery

Mixed Human-Robo Agile Teams: The Future is Now

When I First Met Agile...

Introducing: Automated Pre-Mortem Analysis Powered by Artificial Intelligence

How to Find and Bind Talent With a Flexible Shell

The 5 reasons why big IT projects don’t get done

Establishing Trust in Reputation Systems: Part III

Down with substitute thinking, properly research your target audience

GoDataFest 2018

Product Owners and Their Contribution to Growth

Product Leadership for the Third Wave

How Blockchain Technology Will Make Platforms Obsolete: Part II

Get Voice Search working for your business with these 3 steps

Using Brain Science to Boost Your Scrum Events

Leadership’s Role in Business Agility

Learn to experiment like Booking.com: State of Product Management Conference, November 16

What is monitoring sprawl and what to do about it?

Next-Gen Monitoring: Time Travel for AIOps

How IT silos slow down your business and how AIOps can help

The Double Diamond Dilemma

How to Find Blockchain Use Cases: Part I

6 Signs Your IT Operations Teams Need Better Monitoring

Starting a Successful Agile Transformation in 3 Steps

Top 3 Cloud Migration Monitoring Challenges You Can Tackle With AIOps

Building an Augmented Reality app for The Stratos III Rocket - TU Delft

Data Survey 2018

Intelligent Alert Clustering: How StackState Helps You Against Alert Storms

4 Situations Where AIOps Accelerates Software Development

From ITOA to AIOps: 3 Differences You Should Know

Training Specials - Highlights 2018 - Dutch Data Science Week

Hackathons - Highlights 2018 - Dutch Data Science Week

Meetups - Highlights 2018 - Dutch Data Science Week

What is AIOps and Why Should You Care?

Understand the engineering mindset to create a good engineering culture

Cloud Survey - Cloud Strategy

Improving a Team's Collective Intelligence.   Feedback Please!

Cloud Survey - Cloud Purpose

Discover your growth path by doing the Scrum Master Scan

Is Scrum Agile and is Agile Scrum?

Blockchain in Business Meetup - May 29, 2018

Cloud Survey - Cloud Adoption

Agile Soil

Shareable Blockchain Knowledge

A good engineering culture is crucial to compete in the digital age

GDPR: "May 25th is when it really begins"

Collecting Critical Evidence for Faster Root Cause Analysis

Taking Back Ownership of Your Data

Consensus: The Blockchain Backbone

How Enterprise-Ready is Blockchain?

The New Market Standard for Doing Business

Why Your Business Should Be on the WeChat Platform (Part II): WeChat Feature Overview

The Rise of Cryptocurrencies

14 tips to increase focus

How Blockchain Leads to New Organizational Structures

Stop waiting for your data

Why Your Business Should Be on the WeChat Platform

Moving Towards a Serverless Future

From Good to Great with Software Quality Assurance

Determine If Your Change Will Succeed in 3 Easy Steps

You've Got a Great Data Lake, Now What?

The Effect of Containers on the Software Delivery Process

How to assess and improve the quality of your application portfolio

Testing and Failing Your Way Towards Software Quality in the Cloud

AIOps for Microsoft Azure Environments

The Three Things Cloud-Native Startups Buy Instead of Build

How to improve conversion rates with progressive web apps?

Cloud Transitions Done Right

Is Root Cause Analysis Dead or Are We Just Getting Started?

Seven Ways Cloud-Native Adds Value

Cloud: It's a Golden Age

Solving hard data problems with causal data science

A Data-Driven Approach to Scaling Your Web-Based SaaS Application

From Search to Checkout without annoying your customers

Swimming with the Faster Fish - Part 3: The Missing Link in Agile Transformations

A different approach to skill development

Continuous Security becomes a critical success factor

5 Must-Know Trends in Digital Product Management

Cloud Native: the new standard in software development

Software delivery becomes on-demand

Three trends in operational analytics

Capture your entire IT stack in one data model

The extended impact of enterprise DevOps