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The AI Use Case Game


The AI use case game is a dynamic board game that leads you through the five important phases of developing AI products that realize business value.

Collect use cases, build up your team, and take three use cases into production before your budget runs out.

Realizing value from AI sounds easier than it is. In every phase of the game, your team will be rewarded for its good work, but will also face many hurdles to overcome.

This game is packed with realistic scenarios and situations, every data professional will recognize. Play the game and learn what it is like to be successful with data and AI.

For who is this game?

The AI Use Case game is a fun and learning experience for anyone interested in data. Whether you would like to demystify data science to your teams, show friends what it is you really do at work, or simply learn about different situations you might bump into being a data scientist or data engineer yourself: this game provides a realistic overview of developing AI Use Cases while at the same time it is bound to facilitate the players to share their own experiences while playing.




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