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Collaborating with a Primary School for an Exciting IT Adventure

The Violenschool, a primary school in Hilversum, visited Xebia to explore the world of information technology. Sixty students from grades 7 and 8 were invited to partake in a day filled with educational activities. Find out how we entertained these kids with our technical background!

Giving Back to Hilversum

Xebia has been rooted in Laapersveld for several years. When the question came from the municipality of Hilversum to collaborate, we saw it as a fantastic opportunity to give back to the community. This initiative makes it possible to provide a glimpse of the IT sector, while showcasing Hilversum's vibrant business and media landscape. As a technology-driven and innovative company, Xebia operates through various media and channels, making it a perfect match for the media capital of the Netherlands.

LEGO parks and Password Hacking

But how do you entertain a big group of kids who have no clue what we do daily? The answer: let them hack profiles and build with LEGO! We started by introducing Xebia and then divided the kids into two groups. One group embarked on a LEGO scrum training conducted by Jeanine Ottenhof, Eveline Roos, and Sjoerd Nijland. Engaging in short sprints, the children collaborated to design their own amusement park – from naming it to anticipating unexpected scenarios – all the way to a final feedback round. This exercise not only stimulated creativity but also instilled valuable teamwork.

While the first group was busy building a theme park, the rest of the kids were hacking the system! Our cloud-expert Jorge Liauw Calo equipped the kids with laptops and information. The little hackers received different fictional personas and a challenging assignment: hack the password of the 'weakest link.' Through interactive and challenging activities, the kids were introduced to the world of cybersecurity and the crucial role of digital security in our lives.

Studio Talkshow and Future Colleagues

We ended the day in our Xebia Studio, where some of the children eagerly shared their newfound knowledge and favorite moments from the day. Their passionate responses to fellow classmates' questions, were a fun way to end this day. After the workshops, the talk show in our Xebia studio, lots of snacks, cheerful interactions and laughter, the children departed with smiles and a shared sentiment – "When can we come work at Xebia?" – a compliment that warmed our hearts.

What's Next: Embracing the Agile Sprint

With this success, our thoughts naturally turn to the future, just like any agile and scrum-worthy company would. Xebia's initiative and collaboration with the local community underscore the importance of inspiring and involving young minds in the rapidly evolving technological landscape we inhabit. A follow-up to this event is not merely a question but an absolute certainty.

At Xebia, we believe in nurturing curiosity, fostering innovation, and empowering the next generation of technology enthusiasts. Our exciting adventure with the Violenschool reaffirms our commitment to creating a brighter, technologically driven tomorrow for all.

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