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Interview: The Future of Xebia Cloud - Xebia

Cloud Specialists and Oblivion Continue as Xebia to Drive Its Cloud Portfolio to a Global Level


As of February 1st, 2023, and Oblivion have continued to operate as one organization. Why did the two cloud service providers decide to join forces? And what can you expect now that they are operating under the global Xebia brand? We asked Bart Verlaat and Edwin van Nuil, who together manage Xebia's new cloud team, about the merger and their ambitions for the future.

Van Nuil, the former CEO of Oblivion, sets the scene, "As cloud mainstreams, more challenges arise. Like how to deploy cloud resources sustainably or how to manage costs. Worldwide, there is a strong need for experts who understand that a cloud journey may start with switching off on-prem servers, but it certainly doesn't end there. By joining forces and rebranding to globally operating IT powerhouse Xebia, we aim to meet this demand — and so much more."


Over the past two decades, Xebia has become a pioneering IT consultancy that operates globally and is growing faster than ever. With Xebia | Xpirit (Microsoft Azure) and label (AWS and GCP), the company had already built a solid name in the cloud industry. But, the rebranding of and Oblivion brings all cloud services even closer together, strengthening Xebia's complete cloud offering. Not in the least, because, as a result, Xebia is now the preferred partner for the three leading public cloud providers — Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure — and capable of solving the most complex cloud challenges. 

Speed and Scale

About the decision to merge, Verlaat, former CEO of, says, "We operate in a highly dynamic world, where scale and speed determine success. So, as soon as Xebia's buy-and-build strategy was a fact, I contacted Edwin. We've known each other for a long time. We both know we're good at what we do, and I imagined us to be even better together!" Van Nuil adds, "We were in the same business but have always treated each other with great respect. After chatting with Bart, I asked my colleagues how they felt about a collaboration. Their response was, 'if it's with Xebia, we're confident and excited.' We share the same mission and values. That makes it easy to become a team."  

Leveraging Global Opportunities

Xebia's cloud team is ready to embark on an incredible global adventure. With recently opened offices in the United Kingdom, Denmark, Switzerland, Poland, and the US, Xebia Cloud combines local expertise with a global scale.

Van Nuil adds, “From strategy and innovation to large-scale migration or software delivery, we’re ready to guide any type of organization on their cloud journey.

Verlaat: "This merger marks a new chapter. One in which we can also offer our people an exciting international journey. We're very good at giving the top performers in our industry the possibility to become even better, providing an environment where they can continue to grow. The merger amplifies the opportunities for ambitious cloud professionals tremendously."

Adding More Value

Oblivion's strong AWS foundation, project management experience, and managed services offerings, combined with's far-reaching cloud knowledge, consulting background, and extensive training portfolio, make this joining of forces a true "one-plus-one is three," according to Verlaat and Van Nuil. "We’re bringing our experts together in dedicated technology groups to add value in their areas of expertise. And in close collaboration with Xebia | Xpirit, we'll take the company’s cloud agnostic portfolio (e.g., Cloud Financial Management, Cloud Strategy, and Managed Services) to the next level," adds Van Nuil. 

The Future Is Bright

Under the passionate leadership of Van Nuil en Verlaat, Xebia's cloud team plans to broaden and deepen its services in 2023. From cloud-native software development to data solutions, FinOps, GreenOps, and multi-cloud. More and more, large organizations are using multiple cloud platforms to realize their cloud ambitions. In these situations, Xebia’s knowledge of Microsoft Azure, GCP and AWS, plus its ability to design and implement multi-cloud solutions and optimize cloud spend based on FinOps best practices, provides a unique competitive edge. In addition, Xebia Academy’s training curriculum will be expanded to continue to meet the growing demand for cloud skills. Finally, offering funding management will empower organizations to get the most out of their cloud journey. 

Verlaat and Van Nuil face the future with confidence. "We both doubled our Benelux revenue in the past year. We've shown that even though we're in a completely new situation, we've grown even faster together than we would have individually. We're extremely proud of that. Generally speaking, mergers are not easy, but with us, it's happening very naturally. It's amazing. And now that we're officially one team, so many exciting opportunities lie ahead of us. We're looking forward to our future together."



Founded in 1998, Oblivion focused on Amazon Web Services from the moment it launched in 2006, only to become the first Dutch AWS Premier Partner in 2018. That same year, entered the cloud market as a Xebia label with an exclusive focus on Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). By joining forces, the companies will now provide their exquisite cloud services to a global audience under the brand Xebia. Employing over 100 certified cloud specialists, Xebia Cloud is now a Premium AWS Partner, Preferred GCP Partner, and Microsoft Gold Partner. Verlaat and Van Nuil remain on board as co-CEOs of Xebia's Cloud team. 


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