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Rabobank's journey towards a successful Agile and digital bank

While embracing innovative technology and pioneering practices has been challenging for the financial services industry, it is increasingly evident that banks also require greater flexibility, speed, and customer centricity to remain relevant in a rapidly changing world.

Having been at the forefront of Rabobank's Agile transformation and still playing a significant role, we are grateful to have interviewed Alexander Zwart, Rabobank’s Head of Digital Transformation and Tribe Lead. In this article, he shares the successes, struggles and provides insight into the process of transforming the bank into an - entirely - Agile organization. Driving the change and being part of it allows him to understand the impact such a transition has on processes, organization, and people, making him a very credible discussion partner. Together we look back at how Rabobank's transformation started and some of the lessons it learned along the way.


  • A new organization structure
  • The importance of trust and perseverance
  • Organizational change
  • Clear view of the impact
  • The results
  • Next big thing in Agile

Do you wonder why some companies manage to turn their digital and Agile journey into a success and others are struggling? Learn from those who excel in today's dynamic world by embracing both innovative technology and a new mindset.

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About Alexander Zwart

Zwart, Alexander Rabobank





As Tribe Lead Digital Platform at Rabobank, Alexander Zwart is responsible for the banking app, online banking for consumers and business customers, and public websites. Additionally, being the Head of Digital Transformation, he co-leads the bank's global Agile@Scale transition, called Simplify@Scale, together with Executive Vice President HR Strategy & Transformation, Kiki van den Berg. During the past 20 years, Alexander has worked in FMCG, energy, and banking, focusing on Strategy, Sales, Product Management, and IT & Operations.

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