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Innovation in Aviation

The recent outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound global impact on our society. Business and governmental organizations were hit by a myriad of challenges. Unexpectedly and all the same time, threatening their existence. The immediate imperative for airports to address this was to prioritize health measures and operational excellence. Innovative solutions that enhance customer experience with new revenue streams (by using innovative business models with their partners) and support creating a sustainable airport came second.

Now that we have managed to block the biggest virus threat and flight schedules are slowly returning to normal, it is time to look back, learn and adapt. Today, with the risk of virus outbreaks becoming the new normal, every industry is asking what is next on the digital agenda. We believe that the way forward for airports is to continue building their strategic digital core, focusing on most fundamental technologies (e.g. e-commerce, data platform and AI) which is already sufficient to selectively build solutions to not only address the issues posed by the pandemic, but also to help airports secure their licenses to operate and grow.

I. Autonomous Digital Airport Experience

Xebia’s vision on aviation is rooted in the firm belief that full focus on the airport customer experience, paired with initiatives to improve operational efficiency is now more crucial than ever. With customer as well as operational insights, airports can make intelligent, proactive decisions to limit the number of people clustering together, such as redirecting flow with digital messages, adjusting call-to-gate times or spreading gate and baggage belt allocations. The technology will keep facilitating a seamless airport journey, with greater emphasis on health and safety. 

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