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Unveiling the Potential of GenAI and RAG with Google Cloud in Zürich

At the recent event at Google Cloud in Zürich, technology enthusiasts, business leaders, and IT professionals gathered to explore the potential of GenAI and the challenges it presents, along with the critical considerations of organizational structuring and operating models. The event featured insightful sessions on GenAI strategy, blending semantic search with large language models (LLMs) through the Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) approach, and the integration of Google Cloud services with leading Open Source tools.

The event also included a panel discussion and showcased eminent speakers who shared their expertise and experiences in the field. Hosted on-site at Google Cloud, the event received positive feedback for its insights, experience, and knowledge sharing in the fields of GenAI and RAG Architecture.

GenAI and RAG Architecture at Google ZürichGenAI and RAG Architecture at Google Zürich

GenAI Strategy

The evening began with a session, led by data strategist Herbert van Leeuwen, that provided the audience with a comprehensive view of how organizations should approach the adoption of GenAI, followed by an examination of success factors and focus points for a GenAI-ready data and AI strategy. Attendees gained valuable insights into critical considerations of organizational structuring, the build vs. buy dilemma, and the decision between open source and off-the-shelf tooling. Real-world use case examples enriched the understanding of this transformative technology, providing attendees with practical knowledge to harness the power of GenAI.

how organizations should approach the adoption of GenAI,

RAG: Blending Semantic Search With LLMs

The RAG approach, which blends the power of semantic search with large language models, was a focal point of the event. Attendees explored architectures and best practices for RAG implementations, highlighting the integration of Google Cloud services with leading Open Source tools. The session also showcased the integration of data from existing data warehouses using text-to-SQL, ensuring security through data masking and multi-tenancy. This session provided attendees with a deep understanding of AI-driven insights and the application of GenAI models in organizations.

Applying GenAI Models Panel

Applying GenAI Models Panel

The panel discussion provided insights into the adoption of GenAI, regulatory considerations, and current trends in the field. The sentiment echoed throughout the discussion was that the time for prototyping GenAI solutions is evolving into production-ready solutions that enhance business operations and services. The conversation traversed across the varying stages of adoption, from initial prototypes to the development of software-as-a-service GenAI-powered solutions. The panelists, including Fabio Soricelli, Jazz Kang, Krzysztof Zarzycki, Marek Wiewiórka, and Herbert van Leeuwen, provided valuable insights into the current trends and challenges surrounding the adoption and inclusion of GenAI in business operations and services.

Apero at the GenAI RAG event

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