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Marianne Pot

Marianne is an Agile Management Consultant with a strong background in both business and IT. She is known for her ability to guide teams on their way to professional Scrum in challenging environments. With her enthusiasm and no-nonsense approach, she manages to get teams and departments unstuck and moving in the right direction fast. Marianne combines the ability to help teams to do the right things with an innate sense of urgency to also help them to be seen doing that. A self-proclaimed pragmatic perfectionist, Marianne is relentless in her self-reflection and continually strives to become better herself in order to better help the teams she coaches.
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How to manage a Remote Sprint Retrospective

Posted by Marianne Pot on Apr 20, 2020 2:09:09 PM

This blog is the fifth and last one in a series of five: Remote Working Scrum Events, Done Right.

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Topics: Agile Transformations

Remote Sprint Planning

Posted by Marianne Pot on Apr 6, 2020 8:24:26 AM

This blog is the 2nd in a series of five: Remote Working Scrum Events, Done Right.

When it's clear we have to meet, let's make sure to level it up to a proper event, like you should in Scrum. The objective and the artefacts to inspect and adapt are clearly defined in the Scrum Guide. We've summarized those below. 

We've outlined three great ways to meet the objective, as well as some tools to help you do it. Pick the one you prefer, and get after it! 

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Topics: Agile Transformations, Digital Strategy