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The Value of Google Cloud Platform Certifications

Whether you already have a job in IT or are looking for a new challenge, obtaining a cloud computing certificate – for example, a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) certificate – will always positively impact your career.

With a GCP certificate, you increase your level of Google Cloud expertise. As a result, it is easier to excel in your IT work, and you will be a lot more attractive to possible future employers.

Add to this the fact that about 75% of decision-makers in IT – according to Global Knowledge’s IT Skills and Salary report – need well-trained IT workers, and you immediately understand the importance of specializing in the cloud.

Google Cloud Platform

But what exactly is Google Cloud Platform? Google Cloud is a leading public cloud service provider, along with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.

The significant advantage of a public cloud is that as an organization, you get access to an affordable, fast, sophisticated, scalable, and easily customizable IT architecture through an external provider.

GCP Certifications

Are you still completely new to Google Cloud or want to brush up on your knowledge? Obtaining a GCP certification is always a good idea. Google Cloud offers various GCP learning paths that allow you to earn certificates. These certificates show that you know a lot about a Google Cloud topic and can apply this technology on a professional level.

The GCP certificates can be divided into three major groups: foundation, associate, and professional. The first group is perfect for individuals who have little or no experience with Google Cloud. The associate level is suitable for individuals who already have some experience with Google Cloud (6+ months of experience).

Finally, there’s the Professional certification level (3+ years of experience). In this group, several areas are available, such as Cloud Architect, Data Engineer, and Machine Learning Engineer. These are modules for individuals who already know a lot about the subject but want to deepen their knowledge.

Why Obtain a GCP Certificate?

So, with a GCP certificate in your pocket, you increase your expertise and, relatedly, often your salary. 80% of people saw a salary increase as a direct result of cloud certification, according to ACG’s State of Cloud report, 52% say cloud certifications expanded their career opportunities. Two of the highest paying roles are Cloud Architect and Data Engineer. Google Cloud offers learning paths for both roles.

In the Cloud Architect module, you will learn how to optimize technical business processes, how you set up and manage an entire cloud architecture, and more.

In the Data Engineer path, you will learn, among other things, how to implement machine learning models and how to set up data processing systems.

Many more GCP certifications are available besides the Cloud Architect and Data Engineer certifications. But whichever one you choose – and whether you prefer to deepen or perhaps broaden your cloud knowledge – you will immediately become much better at your job and advance in your career. Reasons enough to check if you find a GCP course that you like.

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