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Six Ways of “Being” That Help Professionals Shine

You may be at the top of your game today, but with the industry changing so quickly, will your current skill set keep you at the same level a year from now? Embracing Instruqt’s six-point philosophy will empower to keep winning from a new way of “being.” 

At Instruqt, we’re passionate about professional development. As we search for new ways to help our partners develop their skills, we’ve doubled down on what we do best: being curious. As of May, we’ve been running a survey to understand your experiences with corporate learning and development. The preliminary results are eye-opening.

Approximately 90% of 324 respondents in the tech community feel they can do their jobs better. About 80% are confident their current skill set will be relevant to their job within a few months – however, expand that assessment to a year down the road, and only 37% are confident that their skills will remain relevant.

The survey reinforces our belief that the tech community finds it difficult to keep up with the rapid developments in IT. Luckily, there are several learning approaches that can help you adapt to this disruption—which is where Instruqt comes in. Our interactive learning platform takes a hands-on, gamified approach to professional growth with engaging tools to expand your bag of IT skills.

Simply put, Instruqt’s intuitive approach eases you out of your comfort zone and prepares you to successfully achieve your goals. The platform arms you with new skills, moving you forward towards new possibilities. 

There are six principles that guide us towards achieving our mission. In the spirit of collaboration that underpins everything we do, we’re sharing them here– perhaps you’d like to steal a few for yourself ; ).  

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Be Inclusive

Inclusivity is at our core. This starts by creating a space where everyone can

be their authentic selves and share their own ideas freely while learning from others. Learning anything new requires an incredible amount of courage – you have to constantly seek feedback, understand, and then adjust your behavior accordingly. That’s why we have one golden rule: No judgment. Don’t judge others and celebrate your own mistakes as opportunities to learn. 

Be Collaborative

Instruqt will always be focused on contributing to the tech community because it is our home. A journey through learning that follows that guiding principle inevitably becomes a collaboration, where everyone works together to share ideas and skills. Instruqt will always look for opportunities to join forces with fellow members of the community, and work together to create valuable learning experiences. 

Be Brilliant 

We hold ourselves and everyone around us accountable to aim for brilliance – and so should you. Continued excellence is achieved through constant growth, so it makes sense to tap into new knowledge and employ appropriate resources to stay sharp. You can see it in our mission: We offer you the tools to develop new skills. In other words, we encourage you to grow, while holding you to the expectation that you will be awesome at everything you do.

Be Curious and Generous

To grow as experts and human beings we need to be curious and generous, two qualities that feed off each other. Curiosity allows us to be open-minded, respect different perspectives, and accept new ideas. Generosity enables us to share our knowledge with those around us. So, it makes sense to create habits such as continuous learning and knowledge sharing. Curiosity and generosity are the yin and yang in a learning community and function as catalysts for developing new skills.

Be Reflective

To be your best self, you must first acknowledge that you are not all-knowing. A little reflection can work wonders. Take off your mask and identify aspects that you can improve. From there, use the principles we've just discussed. Practice being curious and generous to help spark growth. Then look at what you’ve learned and what you’ve gained from sharing your knowledge, and you’ll find yourself closer to your goals.

Guided by these six principles, the Instruqt team works together every day, developing the tools to help you become the best version of yourself. The way we see it, Instruqt's principles alone can establish a mindset. If you choose to adopt these principles and join us on the journey, we can build a new culture together. By combining beliefs with actions such as knowledge sharing and continuous learning, we can produce an unstoppable chain reaction within the tech community.

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