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Insights from Xebia's Journey and Vision in Belgium


We sat down with Gill Cleeren, Managing Director & CTO Xebia Microsoft Services Belgium, and Microsoft Regional Director & (Pluralsight) trainer. The conversation dives into digital transformation, AI enablement, and modernization. Gill uncovers the unique approach and insights that have propelled Xpirit to Xebia and established it as a trusted partner in high-level consulting. 


From Xpirit to Xebia - How did that happen?  

 “In 2018, we wanted to establish a high-level consulting brand. In 2019, we officially launched Xpirit BE. We have been successful because we could put good people on good projects in a central role, supporting companies on their journey. 

For us, it was important to make a strategic shift towards a broader, more complete proposition that could create more value for our customers, and that has been achieved by joining Xebia under the Microsoft service line.”  


What are Xebia's Unique Selling Points?  

 “Xebia's Unique Selling Points (USPs) lie in our commitment to delivering quality over quantity and offering a fresh perspective to our clients. We distinguish ourselves by providing real experts who engage in personalized, high-level consultations with a personal touch, serving as sparring partners, and offering a comprehensive approach to addressing clients' needs. 

Our emphasis on the quality of our consultants, personalized attention, and the role of our leadership in engaging with clients sets us apart in the industry. Additionally, our expertise in AI enablement, modernization, and industry leadership further enhances our USPs, showcasing our commitment to delivering holistic solutions beyond the traditional scope of consultancy."


What is the proposition regarding AI enablement in Belgium? 

"Xebia's AI propositions encompass innovative projects aimed at AI enablement, such as contract processing and developing a first-aid chatbot app. These initiatives showcase our commitment to leveraging AI for tangible business benefits, from processing old documents to providing accurate emergency guidance. 

Moreover, we recognize that AI is still in its early stages, with significant market interest but a lack of clear understanding of its potential. As part of our AI propositions, we offer workshops to guide our clients on how AI can enhance their business processes. We emphasize the value of AI in custom models for specific industries, such as Pharma or Research, and understand the importance of automating mundane tasks to drive efficiency. 

In addition, we caution against over-reliance on AI assistants like Copilot, emphasizing the need for a balanced approach to AI integration. While these tools can be helpful, we stress the importance of viewing them as part of a broader toolkit, ensuring a thoughtful and strategic use of AI technologies."


What other services does Xebia offer?  

"Xebia offers a comprehensive range of services beyond AI enablement and modernization. Our expertise extends to app modernization, addressing two key areas: companies seeking to automate processes in preparation for a future with more AI and pure modernization of apps with outdated technology and knowledge.  

We understand the challenges of modernization, emphasizing the need to take a step back and assess the best approach. Our method involves conducting thorough assessments, hosting workshops to gather input from all parts of the organization, and delivering a broader view to ensure a solution that will endure for the next few years. 

In addition to modernization, Xebia provides services in DevOps, focusing on a broader approach to software development and engineering culture. We emphasize the importance of aligning with an engineering culture and offer training to clients through the Belgian Xebia Academy. We aim to raise the knowledge level of entire teams and prioritize sharing knowledge, ensuring that our expertise in Cloud, DevOps, and Software development is effectively conveyed to our clients.”  


Any Final remarks? 

 “Looking ahead, we acknowledge the increasing importance of data as an enabler for AI while also recognizing the significance of cloud-native apps and DevOps in shaping the future of technology. By staying mindful of these critical factors, we are poised to navigate the evolving market landscape with resilience and foresight, ensuring that our clients are well-positioned to thrive in an increasingly digital world”.  


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