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Google Cloud Next'24 - Recap

Google Cloud Next’24 has unveiled a wave of new features and announcements, sparking insightful discussions in a series of recap videos. In this recap video, Roy van Zoggel, Jorge Liauw, Martijn van de Grift, and Jonas Aerts, offer a comprehensive overview of the key announcements and insights from the conference.


During Next'24, Google Cloud introduced solutions for AI data classification and announced a new app called Google Vids. These developments offer innovative functionalities for Google Workspace users, potentially revolutionizing the way businesses interact with AI and data classification.


Google introduced a custom chip and a new generation of Compute Engine instances, providing enhanced AI capabilities and improved performance.


Security Command Center Enterprise fuses Cloud Security and SecOps in one solution. It gives you real-time insights in your Cloud Security Posture, and now supports multi-Cloud. Security scanning of your IaaC in your pipeline, detecting vulnerable configurations as early as possible, and preventing security issues in production. The support for Workflow is great, making it more manageable to work on Security findings together with your team(s) Confidential Compute for AI; bringing you a secure, encrypted communication channel between your Confidential Compute VMs its CPU, and your GPU (NVIDIA H100). Confidential for AI helps you run your sensitive AI workloads with confidence and at nearly the same performance as unencrypted LLMs. Apigee Shadow API Detection helps you detect all APIs within your Google Cloud that are not yet managed, and protected with the Apigee (API Management) platform. Detecting these unprotected APIs helps you to minimize the risks of for example unwanted access, and data breaches and increase your overall API security.


In the FinOps segment, the latest features, including anomaly detection and unified reservations screens, are detailed to optimize costs and monitor spending. The discussion also emphasizes the new cost-saving possibilities with Memory Store, Bigtable, and Dataflow, inviting viewers to explore further through private previews.


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