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Why cloud is making DevOps essential for development and deployment

The World of Software Development is Changing
- part one -

The upcoming weeks we'll take you on a tour on how the world of software development is changing. This time, we're talking about the impact from cloud on making DevOps not something to overlook during development and deployment.

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“ We build software that needs a platform. We need to create a better understanding of each other's world. DevOps is a trend, but it needs to be more. We are not there yet. Infrastructure and software development are still too far apart. “

Software development is fast-moving. Yet, when we talk about trends in the industry, we are inclined to think in shifts of months or years. Innovations with a significant impact are the ones that change the way we work, for good. Over the past years, Cloud has become common. The ease with which our clients utilize Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, and the benefits they experience make it evident that Cloud is here to stay. It goes without saying that this movement impacts software development.

DevOps is about working together as a team, having full end-to-end responsibility, and covering everything from building to deploying. A DevOps way of working isn't adopted overnight. However, we are finding ways to shift in that direction by working with 'platform teams'. These teams provide developers with deployment guidelines to boost consistency, but still, it's not ideal. In practice, the platform team will hold a large part of the responsibility, and developers will merely bring their application to that platform without truly understanding it. To maximize customer value (by responding to issues swiftly), the launch of new software should be a joint responsibility. 

" Cloud offers benefits developers are currently overlooking. More than just hosting, Cloud provides tools that are relevant to building and deploying software. "

What is needed to make DevOps more successful?

A large number of businesses have adopted DevOps practices in some way. We believe DevOps has still not come to full fruition in our industry due to a lack of knowledge. DevOps is a methodology that both business and IT need to familiarize themselves with - and the first step is education! Additionally, analyzing bottlenecks and exploring what 'DevOps done well' can do for your business will feed the increasing sense of urgency for greater collaboration in our industry.

- end of part one -
The World of Software Development is Changing

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