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BinxKE on Tour @ Google

Binx Knowledge Exchange on Tour at Google

Every fortnight, Binx hosts a knowledge exchange to share experiences and lessons learned. Often, external guests are invited to join in on the fun. For the latest BinxKE, Google Cloud was kind enough to invite the Binx team.

On June 21, 2022, Google Cloud hosted the BinxKE at its Amsterdam office. The knowledge sharing session featured speakers from both Google and Binx and the topics covered included: “Generating Real-Time Value with Streaming Analytics,” “Monitoring and Debugging You Cloud Native Application,” as well as “Google Cloud Organization Lockdown and “GCP LoadBalancing Features.”

The sessions were preceded by a tour of the dynamic Google workplace, and participants were treated to a generous buffet dinner between sessions. Afterwards, both teams celebrated s with drinks at the bar.


"We really see our business benefit from Google and Xebia collaborating face to face together, now that it is possible to do so again,” said Simon Karman, a cloud consultant at Binx.

Binx and Google highly value their partnership and hosting events together encourages personal connection between both teams.

“It is nice to work with knowledgeable people that make my life easier by always trying to come up with a solution before asking for my help,” said Fahd Ekadioin, a partner engineer at Google. “ “Exchanging experiences and information with Googlers is a great way to gain insights, straight from the source,” added Karman.

Binx hosts bi-weekly “knowledge exchange” events to share experiences and lessons learned and invites guests to join in on the fun.

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