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Ron Eringa is an independent consultant who develops leadership on all levels by helping: managers become true Agile leaders that develop inspiring workplaces, Scrum Masters develop self-organized high performing teams, and Product Owners creating an environment where teams develop brilliant ideas. As a Professional Scrum Trainer he delivers high quality trainings for Scrum.org. Ron started his career in 2000, working for organizations that use software to help their customers become successful. He discovered that the profession of developing software is extremely complex and requires a lot of creativity. As his colleagues were smart and creative individuals, they got stuck in bureaucracy, slow decision making and extensive long-term planning. Then in 2004, this changed when he first discovered Scrum & XP! Not only did he see teams having fun while being creative, but even greater was customers and end users were happy too! In these years Ron has learned how leaders can: create a working environment that is suitable for scrum to be effective, help scrum team members to get the best out of their role, and create different HR practices to facilitate scrum teams. Although he has helped many great scrum teams, but there are even more teams that never reach their full potential. It is his mission to help these teams create Agile leadership, where: people are more important than ideas, people continuously improve and develop each other, people trust each other even when they make mistakes, failure is a necessary consequence of doing something new, and teams continuously focus on building high quality, high value solutions for customers.

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Recommended Reading for Every Agile Leader

Posted by Ron Eringa on Apr 25, 2019 3:54:11 PM

Some people may think we no longer need managers in this Age of Agility, but I strongly disagree. Without capable Agile leaders, we’ll never manage to break free from the chains that bind us to the old world. But how do leaders learn how to lead in this new world?

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Topics: Agile Transformations, Digital Strategy