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97 Things Every Scrum Practitioner Should Know

Collective wisdom from the experts.

Gunther shepherded a big group of Scrum practitioners from all over the world to work together on this collection of 97 stories about Scrum. I'm proud he included me because Gunther played an important part for me in obtaining the Professional Scrum Trainer certification of The first time we met was in 2015 during a train the trainer class for this certification. I was directly intrigued by his profound knowledge of Scrum. I'm also proud of my fellow Xebia colleagues who also have contributed to this book like Jasper Lamers, Willem Vermaak, Chris Lukassen and Jesse Houwing. It's so nice to see all Scrum practitioners from across the world who shared their expertise and knowledge.

97 Things Every Scrum Practitioner Should Know

The book will be released by O'Reilly in e-book form on May 4th 2020 and the paper version should start shipping about a month later. Get your copy!

The article I wrote for this book builds upon my enthusiasm about the “The 6 Trumps” from Sharon Bowman’s book “Using Brain Science to Make Training Stick” (used with permission of the author). And how you can use these 6 Trumps like I have been using them in trainings, Scrum Events, in conference talks and in webinars to keep the attention and involvement high and to accelerate and optimize the learning outcome.

The 6 trumps are:

  1. Movement trumps sittings
  2. Talking trumps listening
  3. Images trump words
  4. Writing trumps reading
  5. Shorter trumps longer
  6. Different trumps same

If  you want to know more about possible ways to apply these principles in your Scrum Events, check out the book. I guarantee you there will be even more good ideas you can use if you are a Scrum practitioner. And if you want to know how you can bring these principles to live in your trainings, join me in my next training, which is called Training From the Back of the Room.

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