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Review of GoDataFest 2023

GoDataFest was born with a clear mission: bringing you the best data tips to solve real world problems. That’s why every year we bring you a wide range of speakers: from Xebia’s seasoned consultants to external industry experts, often speaking together to bridge the gap between technology and business.  

We had it all at GoDataFest 2023: from data pipelines automation to democratizing analytics; from MLOps to data governance; and, since it’s 2023, everything about LLMs, from their deployment to dataset enriching.  

But when you arrive at a Data & AI Technology festival, there’s always something more important than amazing talks, and that’s coffee. Our hospitality team made sure all our guests felt at home at our office in Amsterdam, and we were very happy to see our participants network even before the first talk.  

Machine Learning, LLMs, GenAI, Cloud.
4 Days of Top-Trends Content 

Our first day focused on Amazon Web Services, our sponsor for the day, and LLMs. We learnt about democratizing analytics with AWS, logistics simulations, and MLOps done the right way. In the afternoon, we saw some real use cases about educating medical professionals on AI and delved into LLMs: from assessing their feasibility to the privacy challenges they bring.  

Everything worked beautifully on the first day, so we could have repeated the format, but we wanted a bit of variety to keep the audience entertained. On the second day, we started with two fully-booked free workshops on Machine Learning, offering attendants the opportunity to work together on real cases. Google Cloud Platform was our sponsor for that day, and we learnt how to break the barriers between data professionals in this platform, and a bit more about LLMs.  

Databricks appeared many times during the first two days of the event, but day three was its moment to shine. We focused on its different solutions and catalogs to leverage this powerful tool. And can you guess what the audience also discussed?  

Well, they talked about their jobs and personal use cases, because not everything in life is about LLMS, and people also came to the event to find professionals to collaborate with. Also, there were all those data jokes people have been saving up for a year, and some of them R very funny.  

GenAI - GoDataFest

The last day of the festival was a varied session. Speakers discussed everything from dairy industry use cases to DuckDB, and yes, a bit of LLMs. We closed the festival with a little celebration, to make sure everybody could get those LinkedIn contacts they badly needed and say goodbye to all participants and speakers. Until next year, friends! 

Disclaimer: no LLMs were harmed during the writing of this article.  

GoDataFest  - Festival of Data & AI Technology 2024  

We do not slow down! There is still a lot to share about GoDataFest 2023, but we have already started the preparation for next year's edition, which will happen on October 15-18, 2024. Stay up to date with the latest Data & AI trends, share your knowledge, and learn from the practitioners; sign up for the waiting list, and be the first to be informed when the registration for GoDataFest 2024 opens. 


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