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New Features on - May 2024

The new features on include the ability to track link open rates in CRM, use dynamic text on workdocs to pull real-time column values from connected items, create synced templates for WorkCanvas workflows, view a sales-specific pipeline overview, manage integrations connections, and track sprint progression with a burndown chart.

Link open rates (CRM)

You can now track engagement with links sent within your emails. If the recipient clicks on the link you included, you'll see that as well. The number of times the recipient opened the link will be to the right of the word "Clicked":

Dynamic text on workdocs

Do you have a Doc with information that changes based on a connected item in your board? You can incorporate them seamlessly together and keep them in perfect sync by using the dynamic text feature. Pull column values in real time directly from the item to the connected Doc in line with your text.

Type a "{" into the location within your text you'd like to add a dynamic field. The menu will offer you 3 options - to add the current time, today's date, or a column value. If you choose a column value, you'll open up a new menu with the item's name and the other columns in your board. 

Kayla- Docs Gif (1)


And voila! The dynamic fields you chose will be automatically updated according to their values in the board. If you set dynamic text on a template, each individual doc will fill in the values in real time according to their connected item. 

Workcanvas synced templates

Just getting started with Workcanvas and want to create an intuitive<>WorkCanvas workflow? WorkCanvas premade synced templates will automatically create a board on your account with a logical connection to your canvas. 

You will find all available synced templates under the "Synced Templates" tab on the left of the template centre. 


Once you have added the template to your canvas, the board items will appear both on the canvas, as well as in the integration bar to the left of the canvas. By clicking on the name of the board, at the top of the item card, you will be redirected straight to the newly created board. 

WC- Sync Template

You can then edit items both on the board and on your canvas, and the item will update accordingly in both spaces

Sales-specific pipeline overview (CRM)


Use a Kanban view built for sales to see the total value of deals at every stage and easily identify bottlenecks.


Integrations connection management

With integrations, anything is possible. But with all the integrations your account may use, how do you keep track and stay organized?

The Connections Management page allows users to be in control of their integrations to external software at all times. Additionally, it provides transparency for Admins to see what connections have been made across their account. 

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User connection management page

As a user you can access your Connections Management page by clicking on the automate button at the top of your board. Select the "Connections" tab at the top of the Automation center, which will open the list of Integrations being used by you on your account. 


From this page, users can see:

  • Which connections have been made with internal integrations
  • The name of the connections
  • Which board are connected to the integration
  • The number of automations that have been built using that connection
  • The timeframe that the integration was added by the user
  • Whether or not the integration is connected or disconnected

Admin connections management page

Admins can access the account Connections Management page by going to the Administration page. Click on your profile image in the top right-hand corner of your page. Once in the Administration page, select "Connections" from the left-hand panel, which will open up your "Automation Connections".

The admin Connections Management page functions the same way as the individual user page, except that it shows all of the connections across the account. This version of the page also has an "Owner" column, which displays the name of the user who built the connection. By using the "Filter" icon next to the search bar, the admin can filter connections by "Owner" to see which user in particular created various integrations. 

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Burndown chart (Dev)

A burndown chart is the best way to track all aspects of your sprint's progression. It's a graph depicting the amount of work and effort for your team during a sprint along the sprint's timeline. It is used to compare the progress of your sprints to what was planned based on the sum of work days, hours, and story points. The y-axis lists the story points, or effort, while the x-axis shows the total time allotted for the sprint. 


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