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Nearshoring – An Effective Way To Fast-Track Your IT Project Development

In the present world, business growth is driven by technical innovation. Most business leaders across industry verticals realize this and are striving to push the boundaries and provide their customers with the best possible experience.

However, providing a stellar experience is not bereft of challenges. Developing a product or service integrating superior customer experience, however, needs specialist resources familiar with new age technologies. And these resources may not be available easily. Yes, upskilling is an option, but it comes with the drawbacks of increased timelines and substantial investment and yet is still a not very scalable model.

Upskilling and Top-talent Acquisition can be a Risky Proposition

Picture a scenario ‘A’ where a leading European manufacturer tries to navigate through these competent manpower challenges by launching a massive recruitment campaign to acquire the necessary skilled workforce needed to create the perfect solution for its business. Everything seems to be going in the right direction.

They spend a hefty sum to acquire top talent, train them and bring them to speed with the workings of their company. Once this is done, they begin the development process. During this process, however, a competitor who finds their employees highly valuable decides to poach them to strengthen their business, thus leaving the company that invested so much time and money into developing a skilled employee high and dry. The company now has no option but to restart the recruitment process all over again, and this vicious cycle continues. As a result, project deadlines extend unsustainably, project costs balloon up and the company loses a lot in the process – Reputation, Resources, and Revenue.

Through all this, the company still ends up having the entire team on their payroll, regardless of whether so many resources are required to handle the maintenance of the solution.

Delegating Work Externally can be a Massive Boon

Now picture a scenario ‘B’, where the same manufacturer decides to transfer the project externally to an already established team having the necessary skill set to develop it. This team is located in the same time zone as the manufacturer and can start work from the first day.

Thus, the manufacturer now finds it easy to make decisions in real-time, even though the employees are not their own, because there is no decision lag due to time zone mismatches. Additionally, they can optimize the costs by hiring only the required amount of resources for a fixed duration, and scaling up as and when required, leading to better cost and resource efficiency.

As per the external contract agreement, their solution is ready within the stipulated time with options to receive post-launch support at minimal costs, thereby reducing their need for hiring internal managers to oversee the solution.

Smart Leaders make Smarter Choices

Businesses the world over have long suffered because of the first scenario, but now smart leaders are pivoting their operations in line with scenario ‘B’. If you’re wondering if there’s a term for the second scenario, there is! This process of delegating work to an external provider located within your time zone is called Nearshoring.

Nearshoring – The Ultimate Solution for Heightened Business Efficiency

Nearshoring can be defined as the practice of transferring a business operation to a nearby country. From a business standpoint, nearshoring has several benefits –

  • Higher-quality talent with specialist skillsets for the latest technologies
  • Real-time communication arising from work happening within the same or a similar time zone
  • Good team collaboration because of cultural similarities and similar language skills
  • Greater speed-to-market arising from easier scalability of resources on demand
  • Better process control arising from easier physical access to the nearshoring location
  • Optimised costs from a nearshore partner having economies of scale

All these benefits translate into greater growth for businesses, by allowing them to be more agile, lean, and efficient. So, why wait? Hop onto the next big thing in business growth in the new normal – Switch over to nearshoring!

Dubai – The New Hub to Nearshore To!

Conveniently located in a similar time zone as the European countries, Dubai’s bid to become the biggest nearshoring destination has gotten a further impetus from the Middle East’s shift in focus from an oil-based economy to a global tech economy facilitated by policies that are supportive of Outsourced Shared Services (OSS) hub, IT, Telecom and Knowledge-based industries.

Strengthened by UAE’s easy visa processing and tax-free policies, Dubai has been attracting some of the best talents across the globe to come together to deliver outstanding quality and value for customers worldwide. Of course, the sunny weather is the icing on the cake!!

OSS is becoming commonplace in Dubai, with an emphasis on quality and cost-effective solutions. As per a Deloitte report, the OSS market size in UAE is expected to grow to $6.4 billion this year, with IT and Customer Support together representing a massive 83% of the total share. The creation of the Dubai Outsource City, an entire business community dedicated to OSS is a testimony to this fact.

By offering numerous strategic and competitive advantages, the Middle East is well on track to become the one-stop destination for all of Europe’s nearshoring needs.

Switch over to Xebia to Feel the Difference

A leading provider of nearshoring IT solutions, Xebia Dubai has everything your business needs to grow and excel. We work across industry verticals and technologies to deliver digital transformation consultancy services and solutions. We’re helping companies in Europe to transform from being traditional businesses into digital leaders.

As a Great Place to Work-Certified company, we ensure our team of 4000+ employees are treated well and compensated aptly, thus allowing businesses to choose us for your managed services without any concern of unfair policies.

With Xebia by your side, you gain access to qualified talent that works in the same time zone as yours, thus reducing communication delays and improving the overall real-time co-operative dimension.

Powered by seamless communication between you and Xebia, delivering IT projects on time becomes a breeze. The range of services includes Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Cloud Computing, and Data Analytics and allows you to optimize your running costs, thus landing yourself a profitable base to build upon.

Xebia is built on the ethos of always being agile, and open to communication and collaboration. For in-depth information on our flexible business models that you can benefit immensely from, get in touch with Xebia Dubai today.

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