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Meet the Expert- Dennis Vink

Managing Cloud Control Through the Sound of Rock

In this edition of the Meet the Expert series, you get to know Dennis Vink, the Chief  Technology Officer of Xebia Cloud Control, on a mission to facilitate, optimize and assist the Cloud environment of clients.

Dennis Vink has a passion for playing the guitar and piano while singing along to Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan tunes. With a background in software development and system administration, the Binx cloud engineer finds his job challenging, extremely satisfying, and fun. 

Vink started working with computers in 1983 and ‘never left his chair,’ as he put it. The Xebia consultant discovered cloud technologies when he was invited to a job interview with a cloud company and has fallen in love with cloud computing from that moment onwards.

On a daily basis, Vink feels privileged to be part of Xebia and its journey, “I was very happy to join Xebia because of its strong knowledge, culture and cloud expertise”

Managing Cloud Control

Cloud Control-Dennis

Now years later he is the chief technology officer of Xebia Cloud Control. Vink sees Xebia Cloud Control as a complete solution that puts organizations in control of their cloud environment. It operates through specified invoices, regular cloud reviews, and support.

“The great thing is that this service does not cost you anything extra on top of your regular cloud costs,” he explained.

According to Vink, many organizations can benefit from this solution. Especially those that do not have IT management as their core competency.

“We review the client’s environment, keep track of their spending and we actively monitor their cloud environment,” explained Vink.

Vink is very confident that Xebia Cloud Control will play an important role in the optimization of infrastructure for organizations including the reduction of operational costs. 




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