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Meet Bruno Schaatsbergen- Our New HashiCorp Core Contributor of 2023

Open source contribution is a valuable way for technical experts to contribute to large projects, develop their skills, and become part of a community of people who share a passion! Contributing to open-source projects shows the passion and perseverance of an individual as it takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and at times working late nights.

Therefore, it is quite an extraordinary achievement for someone to be recognized for their effort and contribution to open-source projects. Bruno Schaatsbergen, cloud engineer at Xebia by day, is one of those awarded contributors. We sat down with the newly recognized HashiCorp Core Contributor for 2023, to learn more about this accomplishment.

What does it mean to be Hashicorp Core Contributor?

I have been contributing to Terraform for the past twelve months. Based on these contributions, I was nominated and selected as a HashiCorp Core Contributor. HashiCorp Core Contributors are individuals who are committed to the spirit of open source. They actively contribute to HashiCorp's open-source tools. Core Contributors are nominated for recognition of contributions to HashiCorp's open-source tools during the last twelve months preceding participation. 

Why did you start contributing to Terraform?

I was looking for a dynamic community that I could be a part of, and I immediately thought of Terraform. I use Terraform on a daily basis, and participating in its development is a great way for me to both advance my skills and showcase my technical expertise. Additionally, contributing to Terraform aligns with my desire to give back to the community. My field of work heavily relies on open-source products and I strongly believe it's important to contribute back.

What does it mean to be credited with such an achievement?

As a daily user of Terraform, being awarded the HashiCorp Core Contributor status holds great significance for me. It showcases my commitment to the product and reinforces my aim to establish expertise in the field. Upon reflection on my contributions over the past year, I noticed that I have been engaging in either submitting pull requests or addressing reported issues on a daily basis. I devoted much of my personal time to this effort, but also frequently aided clients or coworkers by adding or improving features in Terraform as part of my daily job.

How is open-source beneficial to Xebia as a whole?

It's relevant to Xebia as it demonstrates a deep understanding and expertise in a product we use for most of our clients. It contributes to credibility and visibility in the industry. It also reflects the ongoing mission at Xebia to become an authority in our field. To be a digital pioneer, who strives to make a difference and create constant innovation. Open source is a great way for people to contribute to large-scale projects, and spreading awareness of the benefits is vital as the more people contributing the better!


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