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Hackathons - Highlights 2018 - Dutch Data Science Week

Dutch Data Science Week provided data scientists the opportunity to apply their skills during various hackathons on topics that have societal impact. Reducing energy waste, preventing heart attacks, and improving city life.

Participants enjoyed the opportunity to apply, learn and share their skills during three hackathons. For Eneco, UMCG and the 2-Day hackathon for the City of Amsterdam the after-movies are available here. Check out the videos!


Hackathon - Eneco: Reduce Energy Waste

Hackathon - UMCG: Anomaly Detection on 4D Heart Scans

 2-Day Hackathon - City of Amsterdam: Image Recognition

More videos are available on blog posts of Training Specials and Meetups. Or check #DDSW18 playlist for the latest videos as part of the Dutch Data Science Week 2018! 

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