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Digital Transformation: How to accelerate in the right direction

Are you the CEO of your company? At least imagine this for a minute! How would you lead your organisation into a bright future with success and happiness for your customers, employees and yourself? You need to accelerate into the right direction. But what is your right direction?

To help you to find out the answer you should integrate three perspectives.
  1. What is your inspiring purpose and commercial strategy in this digital world?
  2. How to speed up your IT and reduce cost and risks far better than market average?
  3. How to transform your organisation into a high performance one?

To define the inspiring purpose and commercial strategy the history and dna of your company are a great starting point. Further analyse in-depth your customers needs and your (future) competitors.

Redefine your business model, based on the latest trends:

  • Future customer journeys will be truly individualized on millions of customers, real-time and empathic. They will be fully omni-channel, injected by fluid content and supported by new interfaces like robots and Internet of Things.
  • Conversational interfaces will be designed at much higher quality levels, enriched by new chat & voice interactions and supported by huge mounts of data and applied artificial intelligence & advanced machine learning.
  • Frontrunners will experiment much more with augmented & mixed reality: gaming techniques and new data solutions will enrich customer journeys and will inspire your lead designers to take it to the next level.
  • You will protect your customer and your organisation by an adaptive security architecture and flexible risk based frameworks, based on huge amounts of real-time data which nurture real-time updated risk profiles.
  • Ecosystems and shared platforms: which assets does the disruptor in your market have in or out of scope of the organisation? And what is your asset policy in terms of platforms, people, technology and warehouse?

How can you embrace the start communities and bring it into the scope of your innovation cycle? How to redefine your IT and transform your organisation?

This article is part of the Urgent Future IT Forecast 2017.

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