Demo - Moving Towards a Serverless Future

Posted by Mohanish on Nov 29, 2019 4:30:00 PM

We’re moving towards a serverless future, one where applications are developed in the cloud. The serverless approach promises to solve many of the issues of traditional (cloud) hosting while providing the latest technological functions against infinite scale and unprecedented low cost. In this article, we explain the concept of serverless, what it is, and how it works.

What is Serverless?

Serverless simply means that you can store data and execute functions on a cloud platform whenever you want to, while the cloud provider auto-scales the process to your needs. You never over- or under-provision capacity and the cloud provider securely takes care of the servers that execute the functions.

Storage and Compute

Cloud hosting took away a lot of the maintenance and installation burden that came with hosting applications on machines in your own racks. The concept of serverless takes installing, maintaining, and updating software and applications to a whole new level of efficiency and effectiveness. Serverless is extremely efficient, as it’s designed to handle peak-performance by offering infinite scale.

With serverless, there is no need to install software or services on your own machines. You simply access a function of a cloud provider that runs that specific service, as an end-point or event-driven when it’s part of a process (like automatically resizing an image when a user uploads a profile picture). In only a few milliseconds or less, the cloud provider makes sure that machines are made available to run the function for you. Besides storage, there is also an increasing number of serverless compute services which offer proven technology and functions that are unique to a cloud provider.

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