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Cloud Survey - Cloud Strategy

On average, most organizations use more than one cloud provider, but a multi-cloud strategy dominates in large enterprises of more than 500 employees (89% over 66% for other organization sizes).

In this blog post, we share insight on Cloud Strategy and experiences gathered from business professionals.

In some cases, organizations go for a multi-cloud strategy because they are looking to reduce the dependency of one provider (22%). In other cases, it just happened (7%). But mostly, this is because organizations believe that it is important to use the best solution from the best provider (48%) Larger organizations that employ more than 100 employees choose a multi-cloud strategy to use the best technology more often (58%) than smaller organizations of less than 100 employees (32%).


Reasons for not going with multiple providers included, “it’s a lot of work to manage one cloud” (12%), and “it never occurred to us to use more than one provider” (12%). Some organizations (8%) understand that it could be convenient in the future to be able to switch providers and use interchangeable technology. While this is especially the case for SME organizations with 11-50 employees, 80% of large enterprises use more than one provider already.

Costs involved in managing multiple providers are a major reason for smaller organizations (1-50 employees) to stick with one platform (22%), as opposed to the average of 12%.

Using the best technology from the best provider

Seventy per cent of all organizations use more than one cloud provider. Most larger organizations have a multi-cloud strategy because they want to use the best solution from the best provider. Although applications of cloud technology continue to become more visible, it still seems mostly to be the playground of information technology related organizations (66%) with over 100 employees (72%).

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