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Ruben Oostinga

Ruben is a software development consultant at Xebia. He focusses on setting up frontend architectures and improving software development teams. Originally he is a backend developer. Nowadays he leverages his software engineering skills to avoid having to rebuild the frontend every couple of years.
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A/B Testing Tools: Build or Buy?

Posted by Ruben Oostinga on Feb 4, 2020 12:09:46 PM
When it comes to A/B testing, off-the-shelf software offers the promise of quick integration – but should you be restricted by its limits? Ruben Oostinga breaks it down. 

When you Google something, you are served tailored results created using data that the search engine has collated over time. Perform the same search again and you may well be served a different – or differently ordered – set of results. Although your preferences may have evolved infinitesimally in the interim, the disparity could be because Google is running a test and you’re its lab rat. Multiply the number of users, add in a control group – and you’ve instantly created a giant focus group. This process is called A/B testing and Big Tech uses it in many different ways to improve conversion rates and consequently, revenues. 

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Topics: Agile Software Development

How to improve conversion rates with progressive web apps?

Posted by Ruben Oostinga on Dec 11, 2017 3:58:14 PM
Lately, the web platform has gained a lot more features. Leveraging these features improves the user experience, which in turn, promotes conversion. A good web app can replace native apps and enhance the user experience. For example, we can develop a single app that everyone can use without needing to go through an installation procedure.
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Topics: Agile Software Development