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Marnix has a strong background in Computer Science and Information Management and affinity with technology. He started his career as a Java programmer and software architect. When joining Xebia, he added doing audits (on software quality, security, etc.), CI/CD implementations, consulting, coaching and trainings to his portfolio. Fourteen years ago, he became aware of Agile and that connected very much with his people focused view on (software) development. He shifted his focus to consulting and training of people on Agile and its frameworks such as Scrum and Kanban. As an Agile Consultant and trainer, he supported the Agile Transformation of several large organizations. During those assignments, he focused on the people and the culture of the organizations, since those are to him the most important aspects in transitions. Next to this, Marnix support the organization in getting a clear insight in their portfolio and when applicable helps align teams and departments to create value together. His experience in using Agile frameworks to transform an organization allows him to use those techniques and approaches that fit in the context of the change and the different roles you encounter in a company.
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Remote Daily Scrum

Posted by Marnix van Wendel de Joode on Apr 8, 2020 1:23:21 PM

This blog is the 3rd in a series of five: Remote Working Scrum Events, Done Right.

When it's clear e have to meet, let's make sure to level it up to a proper event, like you should in Scrum. The objective and the artefacts to inspect and adapt are clearly defined in the Scrum Guide. We've summarized those below. 

We've outlined three great ways to meet the objective, as well as some tools to help you do it. Pick the one you prefer, and get after it!    

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