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Just Meddens

Just is an Agile coach. With a strong focus on the people side of transformation. He has a background in Quality assurance and continuous improvement. Just always tend to set clear goals, in his personal life and in his work life. He does not accept the status quo and will always challenge it. As a trainer Just has a strong passion that he shares with the attendees. He tries to explain concepts by using examples from his own experience or examples that stick with the attendees. His trainings have a lot of activities and exercises. Active people will learn more, so Just tends to keep the energy within the group high. His specialities include Scrum, LeSS and ATDD. He’s always balancing between trainer and coach, seeing what works best with his client and the level of experience. Just has worked with customers like ING, Ingenico, BMW, Portbase, Stater and others.
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Changing Behavior - Measure First, Change Next

Posted by Just Meddens on Nov 29, 2019 9:54:57 AM

Have you ever gone to the gym in January? If so, you’ve seen just how difficult it is to change behavior. Everyone has a New Year’s resolution to get into better shape or lose those extra holiday season pounds, so at first, the gym is very crowded. But within a few weeks, everyone gives up on trying to change, stops going, and the gym turns quiet again. Why? What does it take to actually change behavior in the long term, and why is it so important in business?

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Topics: Agile Transformations, Digital Strategy