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Ellen Barree

Ellen is an Agile management consultant and expert in organizational culture and behavior. She collaborates with organizations, exploring and developing their ideal growth direction for becoming more Agile and adaptive. For organizations struggling to obtain the correct focus in their change initiatives, her consultancy makes the difference towards success. Her approach is human-focused and result-driven. She is passionate about motivating leaders and teams and strives to help them align their ambitions with desirable supporting behavior. In addition to a master’s degree in organizational anthropology, she is a certified professional coach, Lean black belt, product owner, and Scrum master.
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Digital Culture: The Post-Transformation mindset and culture your company needs to succeed

Posted by Ellen Barree on Feb 24, 2020 11:25:47 AM


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Topics: Agile Transformations, Digital Strategy

Engineered Culture: The Unintentional Side Effect of Agile Transformation (and How to Prevent It)

Posted by Ellen Barree on Jan 31, 2019 11:11:48 AM

Organizations that transform into Agile ones need their cultures to reflect their new values. Agile cultures promote flexibility and autonomy. They’re purpose-driven, idealistic, tolerant, open, inventive, explorative, warm, engaged and sincere. But how does an organization transition towards such a culture? Is it possible to create or engineer one? And, if so, what potential side effects should you consider?

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Topics: Agile Software Development, Agile Transformations