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Bart Verlaat

Bart Verlaat is manager of cloud technology consultancy organization Binx.io. Before joining Binx.io, Bart was a business development manager at Google Cloud in Amsterdam. Technology, and especially the way that it is ever-evolving has always intrigued Bart. His unremitting energy is powered by the believe that cloud technology brings unparalleled opportunities to organizations to be more innovative, smarter, and more competitive.
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Cloud: It's a Golden Age

Posted by Bart Verlaat on Oct 31, 2017 9:30:00 AM

The cloud is commonly known as a cheap space to store data and a splendid place to host workplaces. Although it’s much more than a smart alternative for local hosting, most companies still haven’t embraced the cloud's full possibilities. A recent survey showed that 36 percent of organizations do not have a cloud provider (Big Data survey 2017). At the annual internet association summit, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos said we’re on the edge of a new golden age with AI, and the cloud is driving it.

Leading tech companies, like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, make every innovation available for anyone at any time. The cloud is rapidly becoming the place where the most innovative technology is available. That’s why the cloud isn’t just a useful tool for an IT department; it’s the core technology for the entire company. What does this mean for organizations? And more importantly, how does this technology maximize your competitive advantage?

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